Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Field trip and sketching from a source...

So as I have chosen the theme stone for my project I have started by visiting an old ruined abbey in North Yorkshire and just trying to accommodate both solid and deteriorated forms of stonework.

The abbey has some magnificent structures still in shape and some areas just full of decay and history enclosed.

Taking my Travellers notebook with some watercolour paper in I decided to try and see if I could capture some of these areas. I tried watercolour pencils and pen sketches to document interesting areas as well as having my camera to hand for later reflection.



Welcome !

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog about my creative adventures and the journeys I embark on with experiments which may work and may not to produce a portfolio of ideas towards creating possible historical items of costume in a textile form.

I am currently now about to embark on a new project which will cover the theme of Stone. I have chosen this theme because I feel that there is an element of history contained within the theme and the source itself.

On this blog I will chart my progress through the project and update on how my working ideas and experiments are forming any creative outlet towards a finished design.

I hope you will follow my progress and enjoy seeing how my designs are possibly growing in a creative way!!!!!!.