Thursday, 5 October 2017

Textile workshop

This is our first lesson in the workshop room and we are working on the printing techniques for the next couple of weeks.
We were shown demonstrations on Fabric Transfer images using Disperse Dyes.
Ready mixed Dyes were available for us to use and mix our own colours up with. There is a drying rack available for drying our prints and then we have a heat press transfer machine to print them with.
The idea for today's lesson was to practice with lots of different transfer tools and use inspiration from our sketchbooks from our last two previous trips relating to our assignment for ideas and colours
Using some of my research images these are some of my prints:

Costume Construction techniques

We have had our first lesson in Costume Construction. We will be using industrial sewing machines and over-lockers and will be shown different samples each week. We will make these samples up in Calico fabric using the correct technique and will file them into a folder for reference.
I have never used a industrial sewing machine or Over-locker before so both of these are very new pieces of equipment to me.
I struggled with the speed they can go at and having control over the fabric. I will need to gain confidence with them over time.
This weeks samples included:
1-Open pressed seam with over-locking zigzag
2-Over-locked closed seam
3-Over-locked closed seam with top stitch
4-French Seam
5-Run and fell seam
6- Curved seam

Friday, 29 September 2017

Trip to Manchester Museum and Whittworth Art Gallery

Today we wnt on a trip to Manchester where we focusing some design research for our Assignment on drawing research and inspiration.
We based our studies at the Manchester Museum and I also visited the Whitworth Gallery.
Manchester Museum is based upon Natural history artifacts and the Whitworth specifies more in Textiles.
Our aim for the visit was to gather some inspiration for our Nightingale project and we were drawing objects and patterns which we could use within any design ideas we had for our costumes.
These were some of the items which were interesting to me and which I may be able to interpret within any design and textile elements over the next coming weeks.
Ideas which came from the Museum included Botanical and Butterflies

Ideas which I found at the Whitworth Gallery were more pattern based and very geometric:


I will work with these ideas over the next few coming weeks within design. cad and textile workshops and see if I can bring any of these into my design ideas.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Assignment Term 1-Introduction to Costume Design and Illustration.

We have been handed our first assignment brief and what we will be working on from now until November.
This unit will cover how we learn to research,interpret, design and illustrate an idea for costume within a given character brief.
This unit is going to cover Hans Christian Anderson-The Nightingale and will be designed for a Contemporary Ballet performance.
I will be required to design two costumes which will include a Female and Male for the characters of The Emperor and The Nightingale. We will not be making these costumes but after November we will  focus on Mask Making and will design and make two masks for each of these characters to wear as part of the costume design.

Initial starting points for this unit now include the reading and interpretation of the story and the characters involved alongside choosing a Chinese Dynasty which will form the basis of our design ideas.

As I have previously been on a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, I at this moment are very drawn to the images surrounding the Qin Dynasty. Mainly because the sculptures which really drew my interest at the park involved "The Invisible Men and the Masque of Blackness" by Zak Ove . I remember at the time thinking this exhibit containing lines of all these statues are reminding me of the Chinese Terracotta Army.
So I will now research about the Qin Dynasty and look into whether this could be a possible start for me and how I could interpret this into the brief assigned.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Yorkshire Sculpture park Trip and Sketchings

We took a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park which I had never visited before. It was such an inspiring place and an ideal place to relax with a bit of sketching. I primarily look at shapes, lines and textures when I observed for sketching and definitly found a lot of these in the sculptures there.
Mostly I used charcoal and graphite pencils. I was using my black Stabilo pencil where I was able to shade and define with my water brush and also used my black Pitt pen

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Huddersfield University

I have just taken a new direction in my life and enrolled at Huddersfiled University UK studying
Costumes with Textile (BA) Honours Degree.
This blog will record my journey through this next 4 years and highlight my creative processes throughout the time.